Product Application Modernization

The modern-day challenges for organizations range from demands for faster time to market, escalating costs of operations, to increasing cyberattacks and more. GAVS’ assessment, advisory, and implementation services for application modernization will empower your organization to combat these challenges by leveraging the intrinsic advantages of the cloud through re-hosting, re-platforming, and re-architecting. Our XaaS (Anything as a Service) operating model enables modernized IT service delivery, and better resource utilization through EaaS. API/Microservices-based offerings ensure flexibility and scalability through consistent & repeatable models for applications across environments.

The Differentiators

  • AI/ML and Automation-led Self-driving Applications for high performance, reduced costs
  • Secure Cloud Enablement with proprietary Cloud Orchestration Platform zIrrus
  • Platform-driven Cloud Factory Model for migration and cloud-native development
  • Digital Agility through API/Microservices and XaaS based operating models
  • Automated Application Revitalization and Migration from legacy platforms, technologies

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