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Unlocking hidden efficiencies in Manufacturing & Supply Chain Operations with AI and Gen AI

While AI and Gen AI promise transformative potential for Medical Device/Pharma Manufacturing and Supply Chains, it’s crucial to understand what’s realistically feasible. In this webinar, we delve into the burning operational challenges manufacturers and supply chain leaders face today. Our experts will share pragmatic insights on how cutting-edge AI/ML and generative AI technologies can address real issues – from demand forecasting and inventory optimization to risk mitigation and smart logistics routing. Join us to uncover proven strategies for operationalizing AI and Gen AI across your Supply Chain, unlocking optimization and new possibilities.

Key discussion points:

  • Understanding the capabilities of AI and Gen AI technologies in driving operational excellence for Pharma Supply Chains. ·
  • Insights into best practices for implementing AI solutions, including data management, collaboration between humans and AI systems, and continuous improvement processes.
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers to adoption and maximizing the ROI of AI and GenAI investments in Pharma setups.
  • Inspiration from real-world success stories.
  • Vision for the future of manufacturing and supply chain management, shaped by the ongoing advancements in AI technologies and the evolving needs of end users.


Michael LoRusso

Michael LoRusso

CIO & Head of Shared Services - embecta

Joe Butcher

Joe Butcher

Director, Digital Strategy & Product Delivery, Digital Manufacturing - Merck

Vinod Sanjay (1)

Vinod Sanjay

Vice President, Life Sciences - GS Lab | GAVS

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