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The growing popularity of mobile healthcare like telemedicine, increasingly mobile workforce, remote access needs of medical transcriptionists, medical billing/coding agents, healthcare personnel in general, are some drivers that are escalating demands for secure remote access in the healthcare industry. Protect yourself from data breaches and safeguard remote access with zDesk-Secure Virtual Desktop.

zDesk is our all-in-one solution for a fully functional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) stack, delivered at an exceptional Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With a high performing, highly scalable & extensible architecture, zDesk offers one to multi-thousand seat deployments with options for standard, shared, power or lite models; persistent or non-persistent; and hosted or managed implementations. zDesk combines the benefits of VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and can be hosted either on-premise or on a private/public cloud of your choice. The zDesk stack can integrate with brownfield environments, sit on top of almost any hardware, and deliver consistent user experience from any device.

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