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Cloud Enablement

Transforming Our Cloud Expertise
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Empowering Enterprises with Futuristic Cloud Services

Cloud technology has become indispensable for businesses in today’s digital landscape. Its widespread adoption is a testament to the numerous benefits it offers. However, making the most of the cloud requires meticulous planning and strategic implementation to ensure maximum value extraction.

We help enterprises embark on their cloud journey, navigate the complexities of cloud adoption, and unlock the scalability, cost savings, flexibility, and operational efficiency that the cloud offers. With a proven track record in cloud transformation, development, and operations, along with a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure management and cloud native engineering, we craft tailored solutions that align with specific business objectives. Enabled by a strong partner ecosystem, open source contributions, and IP innovations, we enable businesses to accelerate their cloud adoption journeys.

Deep Expertise across Major Public Clouds

Offerings & Solutions

Delivering Cloud Innovation and Transformation for Your Enterprise
Cloud Consulting and Advisory

  • Cloud assessment - migration, platform and security assessment
  • Cloud roadmap - adoption, architecture, application migration strategy
  • Cost optimization strategies
  • Cloud security consulting - risk management and compliance

Cloud Transformation

  • Infrastructure migration and modernization
  • Application migration and modernization
  • Data migration and modernization
  • Cloud-to-cloud migration
  • UI/UX revamp and modernization

Cloud Native Engineering

  • SaaS platform/ application developmentt
  • Cloud agnostic engineering
  • Microservices implementation
  • Serverless architectures

Cloud Operations

  • DevOps
  • SecOps
  • FinOps
  • MLOps on cloud
  • AIOps led infrastructure management
  • Application management
  • Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Cloud Security

  • Cloud governance
  • Cloud security testing
  • Cloud data security

Cloud Data

  • Data lake/ data warehousing
  • AI/ML services on cloud
  • ETL services

Industry Expertise


Catalyzing our Offerings for Augmented Results

zIrrus is an integrated platform for cloud enablement. Powered by AIOps Platform ZIFTM, it is an end-to-end enabler of hybrid cloud migration, transformation, management, and orchestration. zIrrus makes digital businesses cloud agnostic and automates application development and deployment with its unique DevSecOps stack – securely, swiftly, and stably.

CloudGain is a cost optimization tool that empowers you with full control over your cloud cost. It mines billing details and usage over a period of time to analyze and recommend reductions in cloud spend. It helps gain complete visibility, optimize and save cost, and provide timely alerts and recommendations.

Industry Recognitions

  • Leader in the Archetype Report ‘Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Solutions & Services 2022’
  • Contender in the Quadrant Report ‘Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Solutions & Services 2022’
  • Leader in ‘SPARK MatrixTM: Managed Cloud Services, 2022’

Key Partnerships

Success Stories

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