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Corporate Social

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at GS Lab | GAVS.

GS Lab | GAVS is committed to social responsibility and works across several areas to contribute to the social and environmental needs of the communities we live in. Our commitment to ethical conduct goes hand in hand with our business goals, and we invest quite heavily in local communities across geos.

Our strategy includes social and environmental goals along with our financial goals. We strongly believe that social and environmental sustainability programs should go hand in hand with our mainstream business. Our ethics prescribe to the philosophy of ‘conscious entrepreneurship’ – ‘earn with integrity and spend with compassion’. We aim to drive change through collective efforts. Our CSR team works to develop meaningful charitable partnerships and create volunteering experiences for our employees and customers. We endeavor to work towards empowering people for a better future.

As we continue to grow, we are happy to impact communities around us. We strive to align our efforts to reflect our diverse interests and core values pivoted on enriching the lives of people around us.

Social Impact

Technology for Social Good

#TechforGood: As part of our ongoing CSR initiative, we have donated two computer system sets to J10 Chemmanchery Police Station in the presence of Mr. Srinivasan, Inspector of Police – Law & Order.

GS Lab | GAVS partners with WOW (Wellbeing Out of Waste), initiative of ITC, to contribute to dry recycling

At GS Lab | GAVS, we realize the importance of doing our bit for the environment. To that end, we had partnered with WOW (Wellbeing Out of Waste), a recycling initiative of ITC, and contributed 2354 Kgs of dry recyclable waste in the last financial year.

We encourage all individuals and organizations to step up and contribute in whichever way they can for the wellbeing of our environment and thus our society.

Reaching out to flood victims through the initiatives of
ZRII Trust

November 2021: During the challenging times of incessant rain and floods, ZRII Trust and Ms. Vijayalakshmi, GS Lab | GAVS’ Ombudsperson, took the initiative to provide timely support to the flood victims at Lattur village, Tamil Nadu, near the outskirts of Chennai. We at GS Lab | GAVS are humbled by the team’s commitment to the community and we are grateful for the opportunity granted to support this cause. GS Lab | GAVS is indebted to Chennai and Tamil Nadu and consider it our duty to be involved.

Continuing to serve the community amidst the pandemic crisis

COVID Relief Work in collaboration with ZRII Trust

GS Lab | GAVS had the privilege to serve the impacted section of the Chennai community during the raging second wave of COVID.

GS Lab | GAVS partnered with Vijayalakshmi Rajesh, CEO, ZRII Trust, an NGO very actively involved in the relief work during the pandemic. We are humbled and indeed privileged to support people who have lost their jobs due to the COVID crisis, by being able to provide them with food and dry rations during these tough times.

GS Lab | GAVS Supports COVID Patients

GS Lab | GAVS at the Voluntary Health Services (VHS), Chennai, providing food for the COVID patients.

It is an honor for us, we are very grateful to be able to serve the community in a small way through our work with VHS. This is a time when a lot of routines are interrupted – our healthcare systems are overloaded, and we are all trying to pitch in for the bailouts and be of service to all.

When we were approached by VHS to help their COVID wards, this was one way we could serve immediately, and we arranged for food for the COVID wards that are overburdened due the raging pandemic.

GS Lab | GAVS Dream Runners Half Marathon 2019

  • The recently held GS Lab | GAVS Dream Runners Half Marathon (DRHM) saw more than 5000 participants from various parts of the country run for a cause. The event raises funds for prosthetic limbs for the physically and economically challenged sections of the society and this year there were more than 175 recipients.
  • The 21.1 K race was flagged off by Sumit Ganguli, CEO, GS Lab | GAVS and the 10 K by Balaji Uppili, Chief Customer Success Officer. They also presented some of the awards at the end of the event. The event was covered by major media publications.
  • Thanks to the GS Lab | GAVS volunteers, our booth was visited by most of the runners. They actively participated in our raffle and selfie contests. Congratulations to all the runners from GS Lab | GAVS for participating in this noble cause.
  • GS Lab | GAVS’ commitment to ethical conduct goes hand in hand with business goals, and we invest quite heavily in local communities across geographies. We strongly believe that our social and environmental sustainability programs should partner equally with our mainstream business. We strive to align our efforts to reflect the diverse interests and core values of our company and enrich lives.

School Infrastructure development

Despite adequate efforts on awareness campaigns, the number of government and panchayat schools that do not have adequate and hygienic sanitation facilities is still alarming. Tamil Nadu is no exception; the number of underprivileged schools with toilets is meager as compared to those without.

GS Lab | GAVS' infra structural development project has made schooling comfortable for students and teachers of the Government Higher Secondary School, Pallikaranai, Kanchipuram District. A total of 11 toilets have been constructed, including separate toilet for staff. The project is bound to benefit many such students in the years to come.

The floods which happened in Chennai had caused huge losses to human life and property across Chennai, and the city needed a lot of help from donors for relief work. Many of our employees had contributed generously and their contributions helped set up a RO plant in the Government Higher Secondary School in Pallikaranai.

GS Lab | GAVS Dream Runners Half Marathon 2018

  • GS Lab | GAVS proudly hosted the GS Lab | GAVS DRHM as the title sponsor to help the differently-abled get access to prosthetic limbs. This year’s run was held on 22 July, 2018.
  • The proceeds from this run helped to fund prosthetics provided through Freedom Trust for the differently-abled people. An artificial limb improves their mobility and is key to help them manage daily activities and remain independent.

GS Lab | GAVS Dream Runners Half Marathon 2017

GS Lab | GAVS was the title sponsor of Dream Runners Half Marathon (DRHM), an initiative to aid the physically challenged with prosthetic limbs. This year the run took place on July 23, 2017, and as in the last two years, nearly 5000 people participated with the proceeds going to ‘The Freedom Trust’ for prosthetics.

GS Lab | GAVS marathon runners are particularly enthusiastic about this drive, and it is a hugely satisfying and treasured moment for GS Lab | GAVS to see the physically challenged do a 50m run in their new prosthetic limbs. We RAN, so they could WALK…

Venu Madhuri

This project was chosen with the intent to bring relief to India where the rural population increases without any proportionate increase in their income or businesses.

GS Lab | GAVS works with ‘Venu Madhuri Trust’ in their rural reconstruction to make rural India more self-sufficient. Our work began in a small, isolated village called Ramanwadi in Radha-nagari, Kolhapur district, Maharashtra.

From what started with just a small 2.5-acre bit of irrigated land, the project slowly evolved into various supporting projects such as water conservation, education, health; organic farming and cattle breed conservation and development, conservation of culture and so on. We are proud to see that our work has helped reverse migration of villagers from towns.

We helped set up a ‘Venu Madhuri cottage industry’ that sells herbal dhoop (incense) sticks, honey, and herbal shampoo which are highly appreciated and in demand nationally and internationally. The cottage industry activities now spread across 7 villages and helps sustain several families.

GS Lab | GAVS Dream Runners Half Marathon 2016

  • GS Lab | GAVS was the title sponsor of Dream Runners Half marathon (DRHM). GS Lab | GAVS DRHM is now a regular event in GAVS event calendar. The 2016 edition of GS Lab | GAVS DRHM took place on July 24. We partnered with DRHM to transform the lives of physically challenged. The proceeds of the run were given to The Freedom Trust who provided prosthetic limbs to the physically challenged.
  • The 2016 edition saw around 4000 runners and included many enthusiastic GS Lab | GAVS employees running for the cause that is dear to us. The physically challenged also did a 50-m run in their new prosthetic limbs.
  • ‘Earth Recycler’ the waste management & recycle partner, helped in recycling the 2222 Kg of waste generated from this event. We RAN, so they could WALK…

Joy of Giving: 2016

We are honored to be able to make a difference in children’s lives as we celebrate the ‘Joy of Giving’!

‘Joy of Giving’ is an established custom at GS Lab | GAVS. Every year, we receive wish cards from an orphanage which has the children write out things they wish to have. It is a true ‘joy of giving’ moment we earn for ourselves when the children receive the automatic cars, boots, carom boards, chess boards, writing boards, dolls, stationery, etc. they asked for.


Joy of Giving 2015

It was the season of giving, and continuing our tradition of joining hands to make a difference, we started the practice of ‘Joy of Giving’. An orphanage was chosen on the basis of ‘most needy’, and we got the children to fill up ‘wish cards’ for things they dreamed to have. 91 wish cards were collected from the children of ‘Home for Poor Boys’, Chennai.

We rushed around shopping for these beautiful children and bought everything they asked. The gifts were collected and distributed on February 4, 2015. The evening started with ‘cake cutting’ for the little ones followed by lots of games, fun and laughter.

When it was time to leave, every child wished us ‘good-bye’ with a huge smile, we were humbled by them!

Marina Coastal Clean up

On 7th June 2015, GS Lab | GAVS employees came together along with their family and cleaned the coast of Marina in the South of India, Tamil Nadu. Families – adults and children gathered in the early hours of morning to collect waste and make Chennai’s Marina beach beautiful again. We are proud to say that though our drive was just a ‘drop in the ocean’,


Dream Runners Half Marathon 2015

GS Lab | GAVS participated as the ‘Gold Sponsor’ for the Dream Runners Half Marathon 2015, Chennai, held on July 26th. The marathon is associated with ‘Freedom Trust’, an organization which strives to make a difference in the lives of the physically challenged. The proceeds from the event was used to donate prosthetics limbs to the physically challenged.

The overwhelming support from GS Lab | GAVS employees made the event a particularly memorable one.