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Remote, Secure, Desktop-as-a-Service (VDI+)


zDesk is an end-to-end virtual desktop solution. It has a zero-layer architecture and is powered by software-defined networking. With zDesk being rapidly deployable and scalable, we guarantee seamless adoption of zDesk virtual desktops and flawless user experience.

zDesk can run on an organization’s current infrastructure with full hypervisor functionality, built-in storage acceleration, secured APIs, and big data plug-ins. zDesk is a complete desktop virtualization package that offers shared or private, persistent or non-persistent desktops, with hosting and managed services.

Our core team of trained and certified consultants can quickly assess an organization’s landscape, identify gaps, and ensure the best fitment of the platform with minimal involvement of the IT team. This enables zDesk to be deployed and customized for specific needs and ensures that the expected benefits are realized in 6-8 weeks.

Key Features

Full-Stack Solution

Design, fabrication, implementation


Zero-layer architecture, software-defined networking


Simplified infrastructure, centralized management


Improved deployment speed, less energy consumption


Multi-factor authentication, 100% protection of data and assets




Support for any number of desktops with high performance

Key Benefits

40% increase in end-user productivity
40% cumulative YoY cost savings
Reduction in TCO due to simplified architecture
High performance using 100% SSD
No need for dedicated storage, management infrastructure
Efficient DR management (golden image + delta)
100% virtual dedicated desktop for all users
Consistent pricing across small and large volumes

Success Stories

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