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Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations (AIOps) plays a crucial role in addressing the ITOps complexities of the modern IT landscape. The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables autonomous IT operations to drive organizations towards zero outages and hence zero downtime.

Leveraging our AIOps Platform Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIFTM), our consultancy services provide expertise in implementing and optimizing AIOps in your organization. We analyze IT infrastructure, recommend the right tools, optimize tools usage and more, to streamline your IT operations for improved efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. In essence, we empower you to become a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM

Zero Incident Framework™

Is an award winning, self-learning AIOps Platform powered by advanced patented Machine Learning (ML) techniques.

It empowers IT to deliver robust, high performing systems that support digital transformation within the enterprise.

Leveraging the power of AI on telemetry data ingested in real-time, ZIF™ provides insights and proactively resolves issues predicted by the platform, resulting in consistent availability of application services whenever the end user needs them.

Through AI-led predictions and auto-remediation, ZIF™ prevents incidents from happening in the first place, enabling an organization to trend towards becoming a Zero Incident Enterprise™.

Key Features

Business Outcomes

TCO Reduction
Minimum 40% reduction in capital expenses for enterprises investing in discovery, monitoring, automation, or AIOps tools
OpEx Optimization
Minimum 50% reduction in overall IT operational cost
Infra Asset and Application Discovery
60% faster resolution through real time discovery of assets and relationships
Business Service Reliability
95% increase in services availability by proactively detecting business service impact
Enhanced User Experience
Huge improvements in user experience through agile monitoring
Business Service Assurance
Minimum 60% reduction in MTTR on incidents
Reduced Operational Defects
Minimum 60% increase in productivity by deploying 250+ bots to reduce defects to zero

Success Stories

Accelerate OMEC deployments with our testing environments.