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Real-Time Asset Monitoring
for Operational Efficiency


IoT Enabled Remote Asset Monitoring and Management

ENWAT is a real-time, IoT-enabled remote asset monitoring and management platform designed for various use cases across manufacturing, process industries, utilities, and others.

ENWAT helps businesses optimize asset utilization and avoid monetary loss. With intuitive UI and data visualizations, it helps uncover the hidden patterns in the data, which would otherwise be difficult to find.

It enables businesses to focus on the more important aspects and make informed decisions to stay ahead in the game.

Key Features

IoT Magnified to Simplify Operations on Various Fronts

Key Use Cases

Capabilities Suitable Across Industries
Machinery and Process Monitoring for Manufacturing and Process Industries
- Asset health
- Usage patterns
- Process parameter tracking
- Preventive maintenance
- Schedulers and alerts
- Custom reports
Energy Management
- Device performance
- Power quality
- Usage statistics
- Distribution chart
- Anomaly detection
Water Management
- Track consumption
- Water balance chart
- Leakage detection
- Water storage

Partner Network

Leveraging Best-in-Class Technolgies to Deliver Results
Reimagine your operational efficiencies with ENWAT