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Diversity at GS Lab | GAVS

In everything we do for our colleagues, we prioritize the greater purpose. It is one of our goals to provide all our colleagues with an environment that enables them to succeed.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion plays an integral role in our success. By future-proofing the workforce in creating a safe and respectful work culture, we are truly working towards creating an inclusive work environment.

Restart Program

  • Relaunching your career after a gap is always a daunting task, especially in the technology world.
    Our Restart program for women ensures your inhibitions don’t hold you back.
  • Reboot your tech career with confidence with GS Lab | GAVS.

Women Community at GS Lab | GAVS – Sheroes

The women community at GS Lab | GAVS proudly call themselves, Sheroes. Through this community women invite differences into decision making, and actively build sponsorship, and find their anchors within the organization.

Our Enablers

Testimonials from our Team

What inspires me the most at GS Lab | GAVS is the commitment of the leadership team to foster a culture of innovation through Diversity – not just through policies and processes but also empathetic words and actions.

Soumika DasMarketing

As a proud member of GS Lab | GAVS, each day unfolds as a vivacious celebration of growth and camaraderie. Surrounded by an extraordinary culture, the endless possibilities craft a pioneering journey that's both exhilarating and empowering!

Sundarra HariniTalent Management

Building a Respectful Workplace

  • With an unrelenting focus on protecting everybody’s privacy and with no tolerance to any form of harassment or discrimination, we are committed to create and protect our work environment which is free from coercion and intimidation.
  • The purpose of ‘POSH’ is to help create a safe and inclusive work environment that promotes trust, respect, decency and dignity at workplace, and an environment that is free from sexual harassment or intimidation.

Redressal committee under POSH

Any employee who feels she/he is harassed or knows of or suspects any occurrence of Sexual Harassment is strongly encouraged to contact the RAKSHA COMMITTEE members in person or write to

International Women’s Day Celebrations