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Hi-Tech & Software

Engineering 'Products of the Future' through the convergence of technologies


Emerging technologies, architectures, and disciplines are rapidly transforming the way technology products are built and sustained, and leading to a paradigm shift in product lifecycles.

GS Lab | GAVS understands the needs of technology customers & enterprises and helps them accelerate their development cycles to release new features and products faster to the market. Our key differentiators are our engineers, R&D-driven approach, technology accelerators, and partner ecosystem.

Hi-Tech Products Developed
Engineering CoEs

We help tech companies build:

AI/ML – Infused Platform

Cloud-native hyper scale services

Smart edge devices

IoT & embedded enabled products

Identity & governance solutions

Offerings and Solutions

Product Engineering & Development
Feature development, platform development and product infusion with next generation technologies such as AI, Ml, Data Science, 5G, AR & VR, Edge Computing and so on.
Technology Consulting
Tech stack consulting, technology roadmap across product journey, cloud consulting and data strategy
Performance Engineering
Performance testing & automation, Performance monitoring & consulting, Capacity Planning, and performance remediation
Product Monitoring, Maintenance and Support
AIOps enabled infrastructure management, Managed infrastructure support, remote infrastructure monitoring, end-user monitoring, Infrastructure reengineering, Data center-as-a-service (DCaaS), Data center migration.
Ecosystem Engineering
Connectors, custom integrations and product implementations
Open-source Engineering
Open-source development & collaboration, end-to-end open-source implementation, & long-term support

Products We Have Developed

Why GS Lab | GAVS?

Key Hi-Tech Engagements

Harnessing Voice Samples to Diagnose Health Issues Using Data Science

Our client is a leading startup in the healthcare technology industry and wanted to use a data science driven solution for deciphering human health. We developed a next-gen data-science based solution that diagnoses medical conditions using a person’s voice as a biomarker. This platform enables users to record short voice samples and turns these into analytical data to diagnose health conditions.

Paving the Way for 5G Using CUPS Architecture for a Global Mobile Network Operator

Our customer is a leading MNO who wanted to implement an open source vEPC to leverage the benefits offered by this evolution. The CUPS Architecture based solution helped the customer become one of the first MNOs to create the world’s first open sourced 3GPP Release 15 compliant LTE EPC.

Developing state-of-the-art geospatial functions for graph database users

Our customer is a market leader in enterprise big data management and exploratory analytics. They wanted their graph database solution to support geographical analytical capabilities which could process complex geospatial relationships. We created a highly scalable solution which allows integration of sparsely populated data at any point. It provides increased flexibility, high performance and first-of-its-kind features to end users.

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