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Generative AI

Making GenAI Work for You Responsibly and Securely


Generative AI (GenAI) is proving its value across industries – rapidly and convincingly. Although organizations are starting to understand the vast potential in GenAI, they find themselves uncertain about where to begin. It is imperative to first determine whether GenAI aligns with your challenges and business strategy. If it does, identifying specific aspects of the business that could benefit from GenAI and devising a comprehensive implementation plan become critical.

Successful problem solving with GenAI requires a well-defined approach. With a dedicated GenAI expert team, deep understanding of analytical AI, strong data science and security background, GS Lab | GAVS brings a structured approach to address diverse challenges using GenAI. We partner with you to build solutions specific to your use cases to bring tangible benefits to your customers and employees, securely.

GenAI Outcomes


High-performance models

Choose from a diverse range of public LLMs to address your unique use cases.

Foundational models

Harness cutting-edge AI capabilities

Domain-specific models

Tailored solutions for industry needs

Why GS Lab | GAVS

Robust GenAI Security

With a vigilant team of cybersecurity experts, we proactively assess risks and mitigate vulnerabilities, ensuring that enterprise security is never compromised. With security embedded in every step, we are committed to ethical and meaningful utilization of GenAI, to make it work for you to deliver positive business outcomes.

Use Cases

Instant Access To Data Driven Insights For Healthcare Professionals
What it is:  User-friendly platform for physicians that provides real-time trends, statistics, and distributions relating to the number of patients, diseases diagnosed/ treated, documents processed, and patients handled.

The value add: This robust tracking capability will provide healthcare professionals instant access to data-driven insights, helping them optimize patient care and streamline medical operations.

Consolidated Bank Customer Information For Investment Teams
What it is: Platform for financial organizations that integrates both internal and external data sources and collects the data about the client.
The value add: Provides a summary of everything the bank knows about the customer and presents it to client managers in the investment team. This integration will send the necessary alerts to client managers about when to reach the clients.

Text To Report Generation
What it is: Interface that converts simple English text to a SQL query and then, as required, executes the query and provides the report.
The value add: Accelerates report generation with the use of plain language, ultimately saving time for executives.

GenAI Network Configuration
What it is: Interface that uses natural language to find the correct command to execute on network devices, if permitted.

The value add: Helps configure and manage multi-vendor devices, upskilling the network administrators towards prompt engineering.

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