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Unified Network Command Interface

Your Smart Network Assistant Powered by GenAI


In the dynamic realm of network administration, where complexity reigns and commands vary across vendors, network administrators face an intricate web of challenges. The sheer volume of commands, each specific to different vendors, adds layers of complexity. As administrators grapple with diverse network tasks, the need for a solution to streamline these complexities becomes increasingly apparent.

Navigate the Labyrinth of Network Administration with UNCI

UNCI is an intelligent interface by GS Lab | GAVS that harnesses the power of generative AI to decipher natural language commands and provide you with the precise CLI commands you need, ensuring a seamless experience in managing multi-vendor networks.

The Value Add

Multi-Vendor Support
UNCI supports major vendors like Cisco, Arista, Juniper, and more, streamlining your interactions with different devices.
Up-Skilling Network Administrators
UNCI empowers administrators by simplifying complex configurations, allowing them to focus on high-level engineering tasks rather than memorizing intricate commands.
Prompt Engineering
With UNCI, configuring and managing multi-vendor devices becomes efficient, enabling administrators to respond promptly to network requirements.

Input Wide Range of Commands

Encompassing 80% of daily network administration tasks, including:

See the solution in action!

With its extensive capabilities spanning interface configurations, security setups, load balancing, and beyond, UNCI emerges as an indispensable companion for network management. It empowers administrators, simplifying complexities and streamlining their daily tasks.

Unlock a new era of streamlined networking