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A successful edtech platform improves user experience and becomes scalable using modern architecture and technologies

About Client –
Our customer had created a mature edtech product that had tasted a lot of success. It had more than 50 million registered users and marquee customers. Although our customer definitely had an early mover advantage, with changing external environment, there was more pull for the product. Sensing that it was at the cusp of another huge growth curve, our customer decided to modernize the product to stay relevant & grow.

Challenge –
There was long awaited list of new features which were hard to implement with the existing architecture. Several 3rd party vendors in the same domain were interested in developing extensions for the platform. The platform therefore needed a long pending upgrade.

Solution –
The monolithic architecture was modernized to take advantage of the latest technologies. Modular architecture allowed integration with modern information and data management system.

Download the case study to find out how we improved the performance of an edtech product and helped it scale to 100 million users.

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