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Effective Leadership is key to building a great organizational culture by the virtue of being able to reinforce the vision, mission, and values of the organization and then leading the team to achieve those with Respect, Integrity, and ethical business transactions.

An organization’s culture helps determine the direction in which the business is conducted which in turn benefits:

  1. Employees: A collaborative work environment is where people are empowered to innovate and motivated to bring their diverse perspectives to the table.
  2. Customer: A valued employee will focus on delivering greater value to the customer which in turn reduces customer churn.
  3. Business: A team focused on delivering value to its customers will in turn result in building a sustainable business.

Essentials of building a great work culture

An employee is at the center of a great work culture along with the below factors:

  1. Appreciation: Creating a culture of appreciation by valuing those who add value to the organization through their work. Driving the culture of recognition help employees feel appreciated.
  2. Learning and Innovation: A culture where People are encouraged to share ideas and failure is an essential step in learning will be highly regarded by all.
  3. Creating Opportunities: Awareness and knowledge of new and additional opportunities at work helps employees contribute in an impactful way.
  4. Leadership: Leaders can reinforce organizational values through goal setting, opportunities, and recognition. Elevate employees through frequent one-on-ones and regular two-way feedback. When employees have an open and ongoing dialogue about their work, their trust in their leader strengthens.

Leadership Culture

It is the intentional efforts taken by the leaders in shaping organization culture like the way leaders operate, communicates, and make decisions about the everyday working environment. Decisions right from staffing to creating high-performance teams to providing avenues of growth to employees and harness their employees’ potential helps in building a strong corporate culture.

Strong leadership is the backbone of great organizational culture. Strong Leaders are those who:

Communicate effectively: Timely and effective communication helps the business share accurate and intended messaging to the employees at large. Employees often feel a sense of belonging when they are able to understand the perspective of the decisions taken by a leader.

Lead by example: It is important that a leader leads by example in all aspects of their business. Any and every challenging situation should be dealt with positive intent, fairness, and respect.

Listen to their employees: Providing a platform to the employees to voice their thoughts and opinions create a more inclusive and participative work culture.

Have accountability: It is important to not just listen to the employees but be accountable for the actions and the resulting follow on and follow through on actions to build trust.

Appreciate: Employees who are openly appreciated at work feel a sense of purpose towards what they do and are often able to surpass the expectations of their superiors.


An organization’s culture defines the company’s beliefs, core value and strong leadership builds trust in the employees. Success of an organization depends upon the strength of the organization culture which builds effective leaders and that in turn helps propagating the organizational culture.

GS Lab | GAVS is focused on blending and redefining organizational culture and leadership to build a platform for sustainable business and a collaborative workforce. GS Lab |GAVS culture is rooted in the organizational values of Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Empathy.

There is no one formula to create a strong leadership and great culture. To understand what really matters to employees and to sustain a great culture, lies in the way changes are accepted. Company culture never stays the same and that is a good thing.


Poonam Khichade

Poonam is an HR professional with 17+ years of experience integrating HR initiatives with strategic business goals to ensure superior organizational performance. She is a highly motivated HR leader who has a proven track record of improving operations and providing effective HR processes and support.