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At GS Lab | GAVS, our dedication lies in fostering a purposeful organization that is all inclusive, value-driven, and provides the best experience for our colleagues to grow and thrive. Our collective purpose, as epitomized by #SenseOfPurpose, is to create a people-centric journey that instils enthusiasm, energy and zeal in every step.

We are acutely aware that GS Lab | GAVS thrives entirely because of our people. While we have a long-term vision of delivering exceptional value to our customers and being their trusted advisors, our unwavering commitment remains to the growth and well-being of our people, helping them in achieving their aspirations and making them a better leader. We continue to strive to provide everyone at GS Lab | GAVS with best-in-class client interactions and learnings and opportunities to grow as a professional. In this process, we strive to provide a 5-star experience in all aspects of our work environment.

Highlights of GS Lab | GAVS’ Culture

At the heart of our organization’s DNA lie four foundational pillars, RITERespect, Integrity, Trust, and Empathy. These values form the bedrock of our culture, shaping how we engage with our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities. They inspire us to lead with purpose, foster meaningful connections, and drive sustainable success in an ever-evolving world. Our philosophy of ‘Hire to Rehire,’ encompassing a set of practices and guidelines, has been thoughtfully crafted to enhance the experience of our people at every juncture, from their initial encounter as candidates to becoming enthusiastic advocates post joining.

Fostering a culture of high performance and continuous development is one of the priorities of our organization. We cultivate this culture through various means, including:
  • Conducting Goal Alignment workshops for people managers, encouraging them to view this process not merely as a measuring tool but as an avenue to cultivate responsibility and autonomy while focusing on both individual and collective growth.
  • Providing coaching and training to people managers across the organization, emphasizing Effective Performance Feedback conversations and empathetic listening.
  • Implementing Quarterly Performance Feedback as a significant game-changer, crucial for maintaining a continuous feedback mechanism.
  • Collaborating with a Consulting firm to ensure equitable compensation at work, benchmarked against industry standards and promoting fairness and parity.
  • Implementing a tailored Career Development Plan (CDP) based on the 3Es (Education, Exposure, Experience) to address the growth of all individuals.
  • Establishing ‘Galvanizers,’ a Top Talent Program designed for high-potential individuals and emerging leaders.

At GS Lab | GAVS, it is also one of our stated goals to emerge as a better workplace for women. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion plays an integral role in our success. Even for some of the most business-critical roles, we have enabled our women colleagues to play their roles from remote locations, thus supporting their personal commitments and ensuring their professional growth. Additionally, we offer enhanced flexibility to women both before and after maternity leave.

We are thus driven to create an organization with a purpose, contribute to addressing some larger societal issues, by being a significant player in the healthcare tech space coupled with our innovative solutions and value to customers.

At GS Lab | GAVS, we are dedicated to nurturing a culture that values every individual, their aspirations, and their journey within our family. The foundation of respect, integrity, trust, and empathy, embodied in our RITE pillars, sets the stage for a workplace that is aligned and purposefully driven.

Our colleagues have given us the vote of trust through the Great Place of Work recognition and are committed to sustaining a high trust and high performance culture. As we move forward in this journey, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of creating an environment that not only fosters success but also enriches lives. We look forward to continuously evolving, leveraging innovation, and making a lasting impact on our team, customers and the world we serve. Together, we aspire for excellence, united by a collective #SenseOfPurpose.


Sangeeta Malkhede, Global Head of HR, GS Lab | GAVS

Sangeeta Malkhede heads our Global HR team. A senior HR leader with strong convictions, values, and experiences, she has an innovative approach towards HR practice and at her previous leadership roles she drove overall HR to enable Culture of Performance, Building Leadership Talent, Organization Effectiveness, Change Management and Employee Engagement etc.

Sangeeta is an avid reader and a keen observer of human behavior. She enjoys playing & following Badminton, Tennis and Cricket, has a passion for cooking, travelling and hydroponic farming.