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Infrastructure Security

Strengthen Infrastructure and Safeguard
the Cloud for Business Resilience


Securing modern, hybrid IT infrastructure necessitates an intelligent and advanced strategy. We provide end-to-end infrastructure and cloud security ensuring IT compliances to protect against the constantly evolving threats.

Addressing cyber threats, our dedicated Security Operations Centers (SOCs) deliver multiple benefits, with continuous network monitoring, centralized visibility, reduced vulnerabilities and security costs. Unified security view of all infrastructure components such as networks, hybrid cloud, endpoints, and IoT devices helps reduce incidents and significantly improve uptime. Our continuous security monitoring and effective incident response management mitigate impact and
restore systems quickly.


Reduced external and internal network intrusions
Enhanced perimeter security
Reduction in unauthorized access
Prevention of data loss to cybercrime and associated liabilities
Reduced complexities
Continuous monitoring, identification, analysis, and mitigation of DDoS attacks

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Infra and Cloud Security Services

Continuous monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure to resolve vulnerabilities. We provide real-time detection and investigation of threats.
Monitoring systems in real time, generating alerts, and improving incident management
Datacenter Security
Providing secure, high-performance, affordable compute and scalable infrastructure to enterprises. We monitor suspicious activities and prevent cybercriminals from entering the network.
Endpoint Security
Securing entry points of end user devices, safeguarding data and workflows of individual devices connecting to the network
Protecting data on-premises and in the cloud against cyberattacks, ensuring complete protection of digital data transmitted through any network
Io(M)T Security
Constant monitoring, threat intelligence, threat hunting, intelligent incident analysis, alert prioritization, and accelerated incident response
Cloud Security
Cloud security assessment, SecOps, cloud governance, security testing, cloud data security

IP Led Accelerator

Baseline acceptable performance of components and be alerted for any deviations or abnormalities, through ML

ZIF ™  (Zero Incident FrameworkTM)

  • AIOps based TechOps platform Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIFTM) enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents, driving the organization towards becoming a Zero Incident EnterpriseTM.

ZIF ™  helps

  • Auto-discovery of applications and understanding dependencies between various components
  • End-to-end monitoring of all devices, infrastructure components, and applications
  • Baselining of acceptable performance of components and alerting for any deviations or abnormalities, through ML

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Powering Your Products and Solutions With A Stronghold on Security