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Intelligent Automation

Powering Healthcare Through Automation


In today’s healthcare landscape, the burden of daily manual administrative tasks often hampers the efficiency of operations. Valuable time and resources get tied up in routine activities, leaving limited bandwidth for higher value initiatives. To address this challenge head on, we offer a powerful Intelligent Automation (IA) solution to empower organizations to redefine their operational paradigm.

With a combination of RPA, AI/ML, and NLP, our automation approach translates to enhanced patient care, reduced physician burnout, and business process transformation. With impact areas ranging from IT systems and regulatory compliance to corporate services, finance, operations, human capital management, and end user services, we enable far reaching impact across key areas of healthcare, paving the way for a more efficient and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.

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Offerings and Solutions

For Providers
Patient Enrollment

Create and populate a new entry in the System Of Record (SOR) with new patient data received from the client portal

No Shows

Allow patients to cancel directly from reminders and alert staff so the slot can be offered to the next patient

Discharge Procedures

Automate discharge tasks that don’t require manual intervention

Insurance Authorization

Process requests and responses for clarifications regarding specific services or prescriptions for prior authorization

Clinician Onboarding

Verify and retrieve required data from external systems

Regulatory Compliance

Prepopulate fields in applications based on logic relating to regulatory compliance

Document Processing

Update Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with data extracted from medical or financial documents

Medical Billing

Generate accurate invoices directly from bills and send out reminders if there are delays in payment

Data Integration and Management

Ensure seamless integration and management of patient data across systems

System Security and Compliance

Implement measures to maintain system security and compliance with regulatory requirements

Infrastructure and Network Management

Automate tasks relating to infrastructure management and network maintenance

Application Development and Maintenance

Streamline processes for application development, deployment, and maintenance

For Payers
Claim Adjudication

Run first pass of adjudication with bot that iteratively processes claims as additional automations are added

Claim Status

Respond to claim status queries from any channel

Appeals and Grievances

Manage intake and initial response to these communications

Address Validation/Change

Validate address with external site/ update address in all required systems from source

Population Health Management

Automate rule-based tasks in care coordination and patient engagement

Preventative Health Programs

Generate and send personalized reminders for associated preventative care dates


Invoke process automations based on client interactions

Status Triggers

Invoke process automations based on specific triggers

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