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As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

 – Bill Gates


At GAVS, we are driven by one goal and that is to empower all GAVSians to get closer to their aspirations and enable our clients to fulfil their objectives. We have embarked on a new journey that’s filled with the promise of passion, innovation, and excellence. We believe that our people are our biggest strength, and they deserve nothing less than excellence. In our desire to create the most exciting workplace in the industry, we have embarked on the journey to build a high-performance organization, that is connected and collaborative, that is driven by purpose and  has a zeal for success.

I would like to wish you and your families a very happy new year! New beginnings bring hope with them and I hope that this year we can achieve our goals and get closer to fulfilling our dreams.

The pandemic has transformed most aspects of our lives over the last two years. While client calls in pajamas and background disturbances have now become the accepted normal, our friends, families, colleagues, and communities have gone through significant changes that are bound to have long-lasting impacts. The pandemic has reshuffled our priorities and it has impacted our eating habits, childcare and even our workstyles. A growing concern among business leaders around the world was the concern of collaborative work taking a hit in the remote work ecosystem. This has made it pertinent to create an environment which ensures efficient collaboration and meeting of minds.

High Performance Culture

As leaders and managers, we have come a long way, and our understanding of the workplace has evolved greatly over the last couple of years. It can be said that the managerial styles driven by business results have now taken a new shape.  Apart from compensation and role, there is an increased value for flexibility, autonomy, and a sense of belonging among other things. Gone are the days when managers were responsible only for results of a team. Today’s managers are not only responsible for attracting and retaining talent but also, consequentially the growth of our organization.

People Centric

At GAVS, the employee is as much a promoter of the brand as the customer. We take great pride in the talent we have on board and will go to any extent to ensure their health and wellness. We like to think of ourselves as an organization that aims for continuous learning and improvement and for that special emphasis has been put on talent development.  This has helped us build some of the most innovative approaches in the industry through our partnership with premier institutes like IIT Madras, Great Lakes Institute of Management and Dukes University. Competency and capability building will remain a focus area. We are working on redefining the career tracks and allowing for more flexibility to move across roles in the organization. The LIHT Institute has further helped in competency building opportunities in the Healthcare Domain that continues to be our primary motto.

Customer Centric

B-Schools teach us the importance of indicators like balance sheets, market share, Y-o-Y growth figures etc., but at GAVS we go one step further to measure success through another key factor, which is customer satisfaction. To build an organization that is resilient we have emphasized on building an ecosystem where our leaders think like entrepreneurs. It is ideal to have all leaders focus their efforts towards growing their respective engagements and be revenue oriented. Thus, we aim to have all our managers evolve not only as people managers but also as customer managers. This will further reinforce the ‘Customer Centric’ culture at GAVS.

One of the key things that has further strengthened and taken shape through the pandemic is the culture within the organization. An important reason why people work for companies is their culture, which fosters a sense of belonging and shared identity. We believe that it is this shared identity that does some of the heavy lifting when it comes to ensuring that both customers and employees feel at home with us.

Business Centric

Another critical point on our agenda is to facelift the way we recognize and reward GAVSians. To fulfil this, we will introduce policies and programs over the course of this year which are in line with our vision and philosophy. I believe that our processes will drive the performance culture towards being business and productivity oriented. Most significantly, we intend on recognizing all those who embody our corporate values. When company culture is high performing, it will impact all corners of our organization. Increased engagement, productivity, and retention are all outcomes of a high-performance work culture.

The GAVS team has grown immensely over the last few years and this can be attributed largely to the culture of innovation. Not only does it enable our customers to meet their goals, but also fosters an environment for mutual development while ensuring that our employees are excited and motivated as they get the freedom to explore new technologies and its applications.

It has also been our aspiration to be among one of the Great Places to Work. Our vision is to make it one of the best workplaces, the focus will continue to strengthen the high trust culture, which is a proof of why there are so many long tenured GAVSians here, and increase the rigor on improving employee experience and engagement. In my opening note, I had shed light on the significance of our people and employee experience in achieving our goals and with a dedicated team in place, we will ensure that all GAVSians feel heard and valued. We take great pride in calling ourselves a flat and egalitarian organization and believe that being an organization that listens to our people as the custodians of GAVS.

We are driving towards a superlative work culture for our Women employees and working towards fulfilling our dream of being the Employer of Choice for Women in the IT Industry. We have policies and programs in place to foster diversity and will continue to refine them to meet the industry standards.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception; it is a prevailing attitude.”

– Colin Powell, Former US Diplomat

I think this quote encapsulates my vision for GAVS as organization. We at GAVS focus on detail, in doing the small things perfectly and in creating a culture where excellence is a way of life. If people practice, systems and processes are in place, then it is easier to scale up, which is what we intend to do in the next few years. The future looks exciting, and we are looking forward to taking GAVS to its next leap of growth!

Sangeeta Malkhede

Sangeeta Malkhede heads our global HR team. A senior HR leader with strong convictions, values, and experiences, she has an innovative approach towards HR practice and has previous leadership roles at companies like Patni Computer Systems, CSS, and Team Lease Services Ltd, where she drove Programs on Employee Connect, Collaboration, and Communication, Performance Management, Leadership Development, and Organization Development. One of her primary focus areas as Head of HR is to drive a customer-first mindset in employees and programs, enhancing work productivity and engagement.

Sangeeta is an avid reader and a keen observer of human behavior. She enjoys playing badminton, carrom and cricket and has a passion for cooking, travelling and hydroponic farming. She firmly believes that “people are the key to building a successful organization” and thus strives to create strategic HR perspectives that align with business vision and goals.