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There are certain aspects of the mind which hasn’t yet been proven by science on how it functions the way it does. The power of our mind is still a mysterious zone which always has something or the other that surprises us. One such powerful resource that we all hold within us is our belief system. How many would believe if someone said that we can change our life the way we want if we make a few changes in our beliefs? Yes, that’s right! If you are looking forward to bringing some changes to your life, you are in the right place.

Our beliefs are formed over several years with different kinds of experiences we go through. The environment, relationships, situations, exposure and so on molds the kind of beliefs we carry forward. The thoughts that are stimulated during such different experiences add on the weightage to an existing belief. Though external factors have a great influence on what we believe, we equally have a great chance to change and replace it with what we want to become/attract in our life. It starts with a self-analysis after which we choose to hold on to beliefs that are helpful for us and change the ones that are not helpful for our progress.

The first step is to understand the various beliefs that we carry within ourselves. If we start noticing our inner voice, we will eventually be able to trace the kind of beliefs that we hold and the impact it has on our life. For example, if a person deep down believes, “Bad things always happen to me” eventually we will end up attracting such situations which are contradictory to what we want in our life. Instead, if one believes “Good things always happen to me”, it helps in attracting more positive events in life. Sounds terrific right? It is a great power that we all have. All it needs is just a little bit of fine-tuning.

Beliefs are great weapons which can be used to destroy our lives, as well as to enrich it, if we know how to use it well. It is a choice that we make to either stay with the already existing beliefs or to recreate our own helpful ones. It all depends on the effort we are ready to make to turn the tables around, making our life so much easier and enjoyable. Once we understand the unhelpful beliefs we are holding on to, we can replace them with helpful ones. So how do we change what we believe deep down?

Every small thought that runs through our mind impacts our beliefs. Though there are so many theories on how thoughts are created, it is proven that we can create more thoughts consciously around what we focus on our day-day life. This means we all have the power to choose the kind of thoughts we want in our mind. Thoughts have a great impact on how we perceive various things that happen around us. This in turn impacts the way we behave in different situations. Our reactions/behavior impact the outcome we face and in turn create stronger thoughts and assumptions related to the experience. This goes on in a loop and the impact that each component has on another continues.

Hence, if we focus more on what we want to attract in life, the closer we are getting to it. All we need to do is to understand what we truly want to attract in life and train our mind to focus on it. This can make wonders in our lives if we start applying it daily. This practice not only helps us to attract what we want but also removes the challenges that keep repeating in our lives. Many times, it is our mind that perceives a situation in a problematic way, in turn creating difficulties in dealing with it. Once we learn how to utilize our mind power, we can turn things the way we want in our life.

As a new year is ahead, many of us might want different things or changes in life. Some of us might want a promotion at work, some of us might be trying to move on from our past, some of us might be wanting more love and care in life, so on and so forth. Having been reminded of the power of mind, it’s time that we start attracting more relationships, events and things that take us closer to our better self and leave behind all disappointments, pain, failures, and all that was stopping us from getting ahead.

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Akshayaa S

Akshayaa Sridhar is a Psychologist with experience in counseling. She has completed her master’s degree in HRD Psychology from Madras University, followed by a specialization in corporate, family & school counseling. She has been working with Corporates such as Accenture and in her personal capacity has been working with private clients too.

She deals with all kinds of relationship issues, improving work productivity/academic focus, stress management, motivational issues, personal growth & development, family problems and other issues related to managing one’s own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.