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In today’s threat landscape, understanding the risks that organizations and customers are exposed to is critically important, especially in the Healthcare Industry. The increasing use of IoMT devices in healthcare has made it easier for cybercriminals to exploit and profit from device vulnerabilities. Ransomware tops the list of cyberthreats for healthcare organizations.

The healthcare industry has become one of the primary vectors for cybercriminals to gain access to customer data and sensitive private information. With larger numbers of people taking a more proactive role in their own health & wellbeing, and with the increasing adoption of connected medical devices, it is important to consider risks involved in connectivity and the underlying infrastructure.

Losing access to medical records and lifesaving medical devices, such as when a ransomware virus holds them hostage, will deter the healthcare provider’s ability to effectively care for their patients. At GS Lab | GAVS, a unique mix of clinical and technical expertise enables us to provide a holistic view of the expanding cybersecurity needs in the healthcare space and to fortify perimeters with our cybersecurity services to healthcare clients across the globe.

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