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The impact of COVID-19 has brought many industries to a standstill, but at the same time it has enabled new businesses to flourish worldwide and has given existing businesses the opportunity to adopt flexibility, planning and innovation to sustain and reclaim their stance. The pandemic is accelerating DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and many organizations have realized the necessity of a FLEXIBLE WORKSPACE, which is secure, accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device, and is coupled with keen focus on User Experience. In this age of SOCIAL DISTANCING, many organizations are exploring options to narrow/bridge the gap between the home and office work cultures.

Along with the demand for the right kind of technology, there is an increased demand for the right adoption of technology, and the right kind of people to manage it & make the most of it. In addition to embracing tech solutions, companies have foreseen the need to rise to challenges, and the affordability and risks that come hand in hand with digital invasion. Here are a few key expectations & challenges that Remote Work poses.

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