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Shadow IT, the use of technology outside the IT purview, is becoming a tacitly approved aspect of most modern enterprises. As many as 71% of employees across organizations are using unsanctioned apps on devices of every shape and size, making it very difficult for IT departments to keep track. The evolution of shadow IT is a result of technology becoming simpler and the cloud offering easy connectivity to applications and storage. As this happened, people began to cherry-pick those things that would help them get things done easily. Shadow IT To bring Shadow IT under control,
you must know about it.

Shadow IT evolves not with but bad intentions to begin with. When employees take things into their own hands, they know what’s necessary to get the job done, to do whatever they were hired to do. However, there are risks associated if the sprawling Shadow IT is not reined in. Research group Gartner estimates that very soon one third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources. You can rein in Shadow IT with Auto Discovery and Dependency Mapping.

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