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Our customer is a giant in the real estate industry with a presence across 20 global cities. Their offerings include services like buying, developing, selling, leasing, managing, marketing, and redeveloping different types of commercial & residential properties. One major element of our customer’s portfolio is investment funds where High-profile investors invest funds.

Challenge – Our customer had already implemented the technology products and platforms within multiple business functions. However, some technological decisions were ad-hoc and not inline within multiple teams which eventually resulted in substandard customer experiences, inefficiencies, delays, and added costs. Our customer wanted to digitally transform business functions across all systems, applications, teams to achieve a higher RoI and reduce the turnaround time.

Solution – GS Lab team understood existing processes, tools, challenges, and complexities within the current business function processes. Each business function was split into 3 major dimensions – current source systems, Implementation of the transformation process, and state to be achieved. Initially,  we kicked off the straightforward projects, and eventually, we transformed all the business functions.

Download the case study to understand how GS Lab helped the customer achieve 200% Return on Investment of digital products with improved security posture and investor experience.

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