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The customer is the largest voluntary, multi-speciality, non-profit healthcare service provider in the U.S., serving more than one million outpatients and 141,000 emergency visits each year. The customer wanted to develop a voicebot to automate some of the repetitive support requests received by IT Support.

Challenges –

  • High frequency of calls from users for account-related issues
  • Difficulty authenticating users based on their alphanumeric usernames
    Few more…….

Solution –
With deep expertise in Automation and AI, the team of GS Lab | GAVS experts developed a voicebot using Google Dialogflow CX, to fully automate some of the AD processes through the voice channel.

Download the case study to understand how GS Lab | GAVS Implemented a 24/7 voicebot 24/7 using the Google Dialogflow CX Platform

Download Case Study