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Our customer was looking to develop an AdTech platform to deliver suitable, relevant, and customized ads to consumers while allowing complete control over their data. The platform would also help publishers and advertisers monitor user activity and draw insights to deliver personalized content to targeted audience segments willing to receive these ads.


  • Build ML models that can continuously enhance ad relevance and delivery
  • Drive a seamless API integration with various ad distribution platforms for data ingestion and NLP data generation
  • Build an ecosystem for advertisers to communicate more responsively with consumers

In line with the customer’s business requirement, we developed a platform that included a

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP)
  • Supply Side Platform (SSP)
  • Ad Campaign Manager
  • Portal for Advertisers and Publishers

The platform had built-in ML/AI capabilities for better ad targeting. In addition, the Cloud-native platform was built with containerized applications & an automated CI/CD pipeline.


  • Reduced infrastructure and operational cost with Cloud-native architecture and containerized applications
  • Complete control over data to end users
  • Scalable architecture and comprehensive performance insights

Download the case study to find details on platform functionality and how we achieved data privacy and control for end-users.

Download Case Study