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New feature developments and test automation solution to reduce product implementation time and expand product application.

About Customer

Our customer has a leading AI-enabled SaaS platform that offers a Live Engagement Solution that many customers use across industries. Their goal was to provide a unified communications experience through their platform by offering Secure Initiation Protocol (SIP) support, an appointment scheduler, and implementing a test automation system to reduce their testing time. The GS Lab’s team’s expertise in unified communications and protocols like SIP, RTP, BFCP, etc. has enabled our customers to achieve their goal and evolve their products to the next level.


The aim was to integrate the following functionalities in their current product, which presented a significant challenge to ensure that none of their current and new functionality breaks:

  • SIP support would connect calls to agents across all channels like telephone, Skype, Hangouts, etc., and route the incoming and outgoing calls to the existing agent software.
  • Add an appointment scheduler to embed into their current site and allow appointment scheduling without affecting existing functionality.
  • Testing automation framework, which will not only be compatible with different devices & Operating Systems (OS) but also automate ChatBot test cases.


GS Lab’s team took complete responsibility for the features and architected end-to-end solutions including design, development, and testing of the backend scripts and algorithms. Our team suggested and implemented third-party platforms and frameworks, including Twilio, Bootstrap, Python Robot, and Selenium. We also developed a test automation framework which automated and integrated the entire sanity suite for end-to-end text chat feature between customer and agent.

To find out more about these features and how we developed those, download the case study.

Download Case Study