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Enterprise users get the ability to process massive data sets and do trillions of calculations easily using data science and ML

About Client –
Our customer is a market leader in enterprise big data management and exploratory analytics. They wanted to create the ability to run data science and feature engineering algorithms on the massive data inside their graph database product. This would empower customers to unearth powerful insights.

Challenge –
Our customer wanted to create a high performance system capable of quickly processing not just billions, but trillions of data points with ease. These data science solutions had to be incorporated in such a way that users who were not data scientists had to find the end product easy to use.

Solution –
Great Software Laboratory developed more than 40 algorithms for data science & feature engineering as UDXs. This allowed the product to process large data lakes without any degradation in performance.

Download the case study to find out how we empowered both data scientists and users who are not data scientists to generate powerful insights from massive enterprise data clusters.

Download Case Study