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With subsidiaries and JVs that have a strong presence across protecting, investing, and financing solutions, the customer is a financial solutions group that caters to the diverse needs of customers. Powered by tens of thousands of employees, the customer’s businesses have a nationwide reach with well over a thousand branches, lakhs of agents/channel partners, and several bank partners

The customer – a leading NBFC, administers a variety of financial services and functions across multiple applications, serving a diverse user base.

A leader in the industry, the customer constantly raises industry standards by strengthening and future proofing their core operations through digitally advanced solutions. In the backdrop of this business strategy and intricate landscape, the company wanted to transition to an all-in-one platform, that could cater to the multiple demands of its client base. This necessitated a singular gateway designed to eliminate the need for users to switch between multiple applications, thereby simplifying and enhancing their financial management experience.

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