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Our customer is a medical education company that provides free and paid podcasts to medical professionals from various fields. Besides information and quizzes, it also shares compliance modules to enable continuous educational certifications. While the team had put together a primary proof of concept to test the idea of these modules, the medical professionals who were the end-users were not happy with the service experience.

Challenge – The customer was looking to enhance the product concerning:

  • Performance, scale, and security
  • Stability
  • Accessibility features
  • Automated build process and versioning
  • Service end-user requests with respect to bandwidth


Leveraging our expert insights and hands-on Azure experience, we studied the proof of concept to understand the architecture, current, and potential issues and then zeroed in some recommendations that helped that product that improved the product’s responsiveness and reduced costs.

Download the case study to understand how GS Lab improved the streaming performance of the product 4x by saving significantly on costs.

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