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MNO achieves scalability while reducing dependency on hardware vendors by implementing open source vEPC

About Client 
With the advent of 5G, the requirements of the telecom core have also changed. Our customer is a leading MNO who wanted to implement an open source vEPC to leverage the benefits offered by this evolution.

Earlier EPC solutions were very tightly coupled with hardware. Our customer wanted to have an SDN which did not depend on the hardware. This virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) would remove dependency on single vendor and allow scalability.

GS Lab has been contributing to ONF’s OMEC project and has developed several components. We therefore not only had engineering expertise, but also had clear understanding of the required standards and protocols. Our solution helped the customer become one of the first MNOs to create the world’s first open sourced 3GPP Release 15 compliant LTE EPC CUPS implementation.

Download the case study to understand how a leading MNO achieved scale without incurring massive costs while reducing lock-in dependencies with EPC vendors.

Download Case Study