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An early-stage cloud management product improves its security, availability & scalability by migrating to AWS Fargate-based deployment.

About Client –
Our client had developed an early-stage cloud management product with a typical EC2 set up.

Challenge –
The product had a long sales pipeline which also meant a high degree of uncertainty in product usage if the deals failed to materialize. Our client wanted to implement a completely scalable, containerized, and cost-optimized architecture that would improve the security & availability of the product to meet the demand fluctuation.

Solution –
We created an auto-scalable, immutable, and highly available architecture using AWS Fargate which resulted in cost reductions of 85% per month. Our solution also made the product more secure & provided the flexibility to scale up or scale down resources based on their requirements.

Download the case study to find out how we deployed an AWS Fargate based architecture to save 85% on infrastructure cost.

Download Case Study