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A healthcare company revolutionizes testing to bring convenience, speed and efficiency to a traditional laboratory test

About Client –
Our customer is a digital healthcare startup and specializes in chronic disease diagnostics and management.

Challenge –
Cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy, have to monitor their health status through multiple urine tests conducted at regular intervals. Patients or their relatives have to deposit these urine samples to local laboratories for analysis. Our customer wanted to develop a solution which can remove the hassle of multiple visits to laboratories and provide a way for easy and efficient system to analyze the urine samples.

Key challenges for developing the solution were:

  • Developing an accurate machine learning model which can identify the key parameters from urine test strips and compute important diagnostic parameters
  • An simple UI and workflow to make sure old age patients can also perform the test easily
  • Secure and compliant data management system

Solution –
We developed a solution which would simply require the cancer patient to click a photograph of the urine test strip and upload it. Using machine learning, the urine analyzer would compute all the important diagnostic parameters and provide an instant report. The reports can be securely shared across with your oncologist. We developed the entire product from scratch. For increased accessibility, the product was designed to work with simple mobile devices.

Download the case study to find out how we developed a data science based testing approach to urine analysis.

Download Case Study