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One of the oldest and largest banking institution gives its customers AI-powered smart message and web chat self-service options with Avaya Oceana and IBM Watson.

About Client –
Our customer is one of the oldest and largest banking institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Being one of the largest bank, they have a huge customer base and supporting them was critical for the bank.

Challenge –
The banking group was experiencing a significant increase in the number of customer calls to its contact center, leading to longer than average wait times and lowering customer satisfaction. With the higher volume of voice interactions, the bank began adding more agents, which increased payroll and training costs. In addition, the group was experiencing recruitment challenges due to a shortage of appropriately skilled people in the labor market.

The bank wanted to address these issues by empowering its customers with real-time service using an AI powered smart messaging and chat solution. Moving a substantial number of contact center phone interactions to self-service chat and in-app messaging services would not only help reduce the wait times customers were experiencing when in queue, but it would also reduce operational costs.

Solution –
GS Lab created an IBM Watson-powered solution for Avaya’s Oceana solution which was integrated with bank’s front-end application W-Live.

Download the case study to find out how web chat application helped transform the banking group’s contact center into a truly digital entity.

Download Case Study