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Event Date

Feb 25-28, 2024


Los Angeles, CA


Experience Innovative Technology Solutions for Healthcare of Tomorrow

Booth #2645

Explore the forefront of healthcare technology at ViVE 2024 with GS Lab | GAVS. Engage with next-gen demonstrations, delve into the transformative strategies of top healthcare entities utilizing GS Lab | GAVS solutions, and participate in discussions shaping your 2024 objectives. Join us for an immersive encounter with pioneering healthcare innovation.

Showcasing at ViVE 2024

Gen AI

Discover how the fusion of Conversational AI and Gen AI can revolutionize healthcare, easing clinician burnout through innovative solutions and personalized support.

Intelligent Automation

Driven by AI and RPA – find out live how we can automate various used cases across your clinical and nonclinical operations.

AI led Infrastructure Management with ZIFTM

Driven by AIOps and Intelligent Automation, find out how ZIF can help bring 20-30% cost savings on your total cost of IT operations.

Offerings in the Spotlight

  • Data, Analytics and AI – Enabling healthcare organisations to becoming insights driven by transforming the way data is managed, visualized and utilized to generate Insights
  • Intelligent Automation – With a combination of RPA and various AI technologies such as ML, NLP, and more – automate your business process, IT process, financial process, end user services and more.
  • Cloud transformations – Leverage hyperscale’s to manage your workloads, bring flexibility &scalability, and build next gen enterprise solutions with our migration, native engineering, security and governance expertise 
  • Cybersecurity – Safeguard healthcare data with robust cybersecurity solutions tailored for the industry’s unique challenges, ensuring patient privacy and system integrity in an increasingly digital landscape.