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GS Lab | GAVS Institute of Healthcare AI Technology (GIHT)

One-Stop Destination for Aspiring Healthcare Technologists


The GS Lab | GAVS Institute of Healthcare AI Technology (GIHT) aims to create a pool of proficient, healthcare domain-ready technologists. The institute provides technology and business professionals with structured skill development programs to build competency in the healthcare domain, to pursue opportunities in the HealthIT space, and to foster healthcare innovation.

We take immense pride in being India’s First Center of Learning to Nurture Healthcare Technologists!


To offer value-based healthcare education for aspiring professionals to be equipped in skills relating to 21st century healthcare technology practices and become future ready.

Who is GIHT for?

Individuals aspiring to become healthcare technologists

Educational Institutions and universities offerings courses relating to healthcare

Technology Firms wishing to upskill their employees in healthcare domain

What We Offer

On-Demand Courses in Healthcare Fundamentals, Healthcare Regulations, AI/ML in Healthcare, Healthcare Cloud, etc.

Customized training curriculums based on your requirements

Certification programs designed for various levels

Specialization Tracks to choose from: AI/ML, Cloud, Cybersecurity, etc.

Teaching Faculty

GIHT faculty

Guest faculty

Industry Leaders

Prof. Nandan Sudarsanam

AI/ML Professor

PhD in Engineering Systems,
MIT Cambridge
14+ years of experience and 11 publications in Applied Statistics and Machine Learning

Prof. Rahul Marathe

AI/ML Professor

Ph.D in Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University
Expertise – AI/ML Decision-making under uncertainty, Mathematical & Stats Modeling, 23 publications

Prof. Usha Mohan

AI/ML Professor

Ph.D in Operations Research, Indian Statistical Institute
Expertise - Quantitative Models in Supply Chain Mgt, Combinatorial Optimization, Mathematical Programming, 18 publications


  • Experienced Faculty: Healthcare experts from the industry and premier educational institutions
  • Industry Immersion: Courses handled by thought leaders from the healthcare industry
  • AI/ML Courses led by Professors from IIT Madras
  • Certifications from IIT Madras for AI/ML courses
  • Geared to emerging healthcare trends such as predictive health analytics, value-based care delivery, technology in patient care, and Cybersecurity
  • Course Flexibility: Choose from on-demand courses or have courses customized to your needs

On-Demand Courses

Given here is a sample of the on-demand courses offered at GIHT that you can choose from.