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Driving Value-Based Care Models and
Enhancing Member and Patient


With rapid technological advancements and constantly evolving standards in healthcare, payers are faced with the challenges of integrating disparate systems and processes that do not fully address stakeholder needs. We empower payers to significantly improve member experience, and provider, broker relationships with solutions that address these gaps.

Focus Areas

Digital Front Door/ Conversational

Our Al chatbot services enable payers to connect with the providers and members they serve using new-age technologies and provide them with engaging experiences. This helps payers address customer expectations, enhance the quality of conversations and their overall experience.

Core Platform Modernization
(Enrolment, Billing, Claims)

Our core platform modernization services help payers bring tremendous flexibility and novelty in their health plan offerings and surge ahead of the competition. Our design philosophy and technologies are aligned with and tailored to business strategy and help healthcare payers establish a strong digital foundation.

Portal and Mobile App

Our portal and mobile app development services for payers enable the shift towards value-based care by delivering enhanced engagement experiences to the provider community and member population. The services are geared towards delivering improved clinical outcomes.

Ancillary System

With technology advancements on the provider side and other parts of the healthcare ecosystem, it is imperative to modernize technological systems in diagnostic services, therapeutic care, and care delivery (or custodial services). Our consulting and services in the space of integration, application modernization and support, digital modernization and transformation, application engineering, and health cloud enablement help organizations improve overall member experience and optimize internal operations.

Data Migration and Enterprise
Data Lake

Our data modernization services ensure that enterprise data is interpreted and leveraged to achieve operational and population health excellence. In addition, our blockchain-based framework helps organizations improve data quality and speed up data processing.


Our IoT/IoMT services enable payers to build connected health programs, resulting in the integration of disparate systems and data. The services help improve the bottom line through overall efficiencies in core payer processes like risk calculation, claims, billing, and enablement of preventative care.


We simplify the complex process of compliance with Interoperability standards by creating customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of organizations. We help implement data and security policies in alignment with HL7 FHIR, along with reintegration and remediation of data feeds.

Blockchain Based Data
Fabric Framework

Our blockchain based data fabric framework, Rhodium solves healthcare data integration challenges through a unified data environment, built-in data quality, metadata/master data  management, data governance, transparent data sharing, connected data integration, smart contract management, and scalability.

Predictive Analytics for
Member Engagement

Our AI tools, frameworks, and AI/ML expertise empower payers with better understanding of their members and providers through advanced data analytics. We help with evaluation of current member experience strategy, analytics on customer journeys and longitudinal health records, which enable payers to offer exceptional value to their customers.

Population Health

Population health analytics is a critical requirement for players in the healthcare ecosystem. We have extensive experience in handling and consolidating large datasets to gather actionable insights. Our experience and frameworks leverage datasets to show the complete picture of population health management, revealing patterns and trends. This helps organizations predict disease outbreaks, analyze outcomes, and in turn improve service levels.

Bundled Payment and
Contract Management

Our in-house AI frameworks help payers identify how their claims would behave in an episode of care or bundled payment contract, thereby reducing risk drastically. Payers are also empowered to estimate their ROI with better accuracy, and to take data-driven decisions during critical processes like contracting or attribution.

Operational and
Financial Intelligence

Our services across the financial value chain – capitation management, billing, claims payable, and corporate financials, help payers optimize operations and maximize their ROI by providing actionable insights on the operational and financial aspects.

Success Stories

Insights and Trends


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