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July 13, 2016 : Societe Generale’s 10-week accelerator programme Catalyst has eight Indian startups working on various themes and three of them -Uniphore Software Systems, FixNix and Gavs Technologies are from Chennai, working on various risk and analytics tools that may be used by SocGen in future.FixNix, founded by Shanmugavel Sankaran, is trying to develop an early prediction based warning system for employee retention and proactive management of employee expectations. “We have a three-member team working on risk analytics in the accelerator. FixNix is getting aggressively into security and risk analytics for Indian and international banks, including Societe Generale, UBS,“ said Sankaran. The SaaS based governance, risk and compliance (GRC) startup has funding from ex-CIO of Tesla Jay Vijayan and other angel investors. “Through the accelerator, we get access to senior management, lead ership teams and create a product that will drive innovation in the HR function,“ he added.


SocGen said that it will explore and identify opportunities to forge new partnerships with fintech startups.“In line with digital transformation strategy of Societe Generale, the Catalyst programme aims to co-create solutions by collaborating with these disruptive technology startups,“ said CEO Veronique Sani.

Uniphore Software Systems, a speech recognition solutions company , is working on a voice to text solution for SocGen. In order to help eliminate language barriers for business as usual (BAU) activities across geographies, the startup is working on a virtual assistant and artificial intelligence (AI) enabled speech recognition solution to automate processes in the bank and to explore speech analytics with transcription and translation functionalities.

GAVS Technologies, a global IT services and solutions provider, has a threefour member team in the SocGen accelerator. The company has a big data based IT operations analytics platform called GAVel, which facilitates insightful data aggre gation to enable service intelligence through proactive and predictive risk management. “One of the things GAVel does is to aggregates information about the enterprise, about servers and laptops, look at patterns in the past and gives useful insights to the company ,“said Rao Haridasu, headsolutions and strategy, GAVS Technologies.

While the GAVel platform has multiple functionalities, they are also working on using sentiment analytics as an HR tool for Soc Gen. The tool will help drive intelligent decision making within the company .