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July 29, 2016 : GAVS Technologies a global IT services & solutions provider, has been recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in IT service management 2.0, 2016. With the theme of 2016’s Cool Vendors in ITSM 2.0 being innovative analytics and aggregation for high efficiency and effectiveness, GAVS was noted for its predictive analytics tool GAVel.

GAVel provides insights into the activities from the time the end user raises a ticket until the closure. It correlates events and data based on human intelligence and machine learning to provide predictive insights into the operations, thereby driving increased revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction.

This open source platform deployed on Microsoft Azure helps reduce meantime-to-repair number of incidents, predict potential outages and enhances user experience in contact center/data center environments.

“GAVS harnesses next-generation technologies to deliver value-added services to clients. GAVel, our predictive analytics platform powered by Microsoft Azure, increases operational performance, reduces costs, and decreases infrastructure downtime,” said Sumit Ganguli, CEO of GAVS Technologies.

To learn more about the GAVel platform on Azure, download the mini-case study and datasheet and read the press release.