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January 29, 2020 : “Work is worship? Is this maxim being turned on its head? Will the Future of Work be revered and be used to define enterprising, stoic and dedicated people?” – CEO, Sumit Ganguli, writes for ‘Business Today’.

The article “Work is Worship?” is published in the Anniversary edition of Business Today – ‘Future of Work’ where leading experts have written about the radical changes in jobs, workplace, skills, privacy and employee well-being.


“Creation and judging will be the human’s domain while machines will focus on iterations and predictions and hybrid roles will also emerge…

…Over the next few years, with the advent of predictive analytics and focus on service reliability assurance of enterprise infrastructure trending to zero incidents, high productivity can be witnessed…

.. the future of work is headed for a period that could be best described by the Chinese phrase, “May you live in interesting times”, but we need to live it to know whether it is a blessing or a curse.” – Sumit Ganguli

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