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As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, managing cybersecurity has become a daunting task for many organizations. The sheer number of tools required to detect and respond to these threats has outpaced the capabilities of in-house teams. Moreover, the costs and scarcity of skilled talent have rendered in-house solutions impractical for many.

In response to these challenges, GS Lab| GAVS Managed Security Services with GCP solutions and tools offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions tailored to the needs of today’s digital workforce and IT teams. Our services provide practical solutions to common cybersecurity issues, offering organizations the expertise and support they need to safeguard their digital assets effectively.

Our Core Competency – Managed SOC

Supported by GCP’s Chronicle – Security Operations Platform and a team of cybersecurity specialists boasting advanced certifications and extensive security knowledge, our managed SOC centers are designed to assist businesses in predicting, safeguarding against, enduring, and rebounding from adverse situations, pressures, attacks, and breaches of cyber-enabled business operations.

Through the fusion of Google’s hyper-scale infrastructure and unparalleled insight into cyber adversaries, Chronicle delivers tailored outcomes that preemptively unveil the most current threats almost instantly. This empowers security teams to swiftly and accurately detect, investigate, and counter threats with precision.

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How We Help

Security Monitoring

  • Analysis of log sources
  • Collection of events and information
  • Continuous 24/7 proactive monitoring of logs in real time
  • Customized rules tailored for specific use cases
  • Behavioral monitoring

Incident Response

  • Alert generation
  • Incident management utilizing Chronicle
  • Conduct event correlation, including timeframes
  • Recommendations for corrective actions and remediation
  • Response to ransomware and phishing attacks

Threat Intelligence

  • Gathering threat intelligence
  • Collecting and processing data
  • Analyzing gathered intelligence
  • Disseminating and providing feedback
  • Providing threat intelligence data for diverse security solutions

Threat Hunting

  • Proactively searching for insider threats or external attackers
  • Engaging in active hunting for recognized adversaries
  • Identifying concealed threats to preempt attacks
  • Implementing the incident response plan

Reporting & Maintenance

  • Monthly incident reports for stakeholders
  • Daily or weekly health check activities for the tool
  • Documentation of processes, policies, and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Retention of data/logs to meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Adjustment of Splunk settings to minimize false positives

GCP Proficiencies




The GS Lab | GAVS Advantage

  • Empowerment of the three pillars – people, process, and platform
  • AI and automation enabled detection and response
  • Dedicated SOC analysts with superior contextual knowledge of customer environment
  • Offensive and defensive (red and blue) security teams
  • Security Center of Excellence (CoE) with standard templates, playbooks, and new defense techniques
  • Leveraging breakthrough technologies such as IoT, cloud, and embedded systems in a secure and compliant manner