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DataDog Connector

Datadog UDI Connector for IBM CP4S


Support Documentation

Datadog UDI Connector was developed using the Datadog Python SDK available in the GitHub Repository and tested against Datadog Cloud. To work with the Datadog UDI connector, you would need to have an account with Datadog and have administrator permissions for the account. Datadog UDI connector runs on the Python environment provided by IBM CP4S. The Python version used in CP4S will have priority over the version of Datadog Python SDK used in developing the Datadog UDI connector. The Datadog API version used in the Datadog Python SDK is maintained by Datadog.

We do not maintain versions of IBM CP4S, Datadog SDK, or Datadog API endpoints. Any work involving issues related to the above will be out of scope for maintenance of the UDI connector and hence will be chargeable. Any issues in current field mappings will be fixed under the support agreement.

Datadog Mappings

STIX Object STIX Property Data Source Field
artifact payload_bin text
domain-name value host
user-account user_id user

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