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Chennai, April 20, 2023: The launch of a Global Capability Center (GCC) in Chennai, India, was announced by Ashley Furniture India Private Limited (Ashley India). Almost 300 new positions, including those for technology developers, architects, cloud operators, and others, will be created by the new location. To launch the GCC and find talent, Ashley India is collaborating with GS Lab | GAVS, a business that specializes in AI-led digital transformation.

“Today, more than ever, technology is essential for our global growth strategy,” stated Matt Johnson, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC. “Ashley India’s vision behind the GCC is to expand our pool of technical talent and add agility to our operations in the changing economic and market conditions. India offers digital technology talent in abundance, and through Ashley India’s collaboration with GS Lab | GAVS we feel we’re setup for success.”

Balaji Uppili, Chief Operating Officer, GS Lab | GAVS, said, “This is an exciting time and a key milestone in our partnership with Ashley. We have invested heavily in digital engineering and transformation for our customers. We are happy to leverage our digital expertise and years of experience in the partnership to help Ashley India set up this new GCC in India.”

The GCC has started recruiting talent in Chennai. For any applicants looking to learn more about the career opportunities, please visit – Ashley Global Capability Center.

Ashley India is a subsidiary of Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC (Ashley), the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture. Established more than 75 years ago, the privately held company is proud of its legacy, culture, and use of state-of-the-art technology. Ashley’s retail branch has a chain of over 1,100 home furnishing stores worldwide and has built one of the furniture industry’s largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Ashley caters to both businesses and consumers and has invested in state-of-the-art technologies in engineering, manufacturing, omni-channel, and supply chain. Ashley India’s GCC will focus on building digital solutions to enhance customer service, increase multi-channel capabilities and efficiencies, and ultimately provide faster operations.

Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC (Ashley) feels that every person deserves more value for their money. Established in 1945, Ashley is the largest manufacturer of home furnishings in the world and was named one of America’s Best Employers by Forbes in 2021.From design through fulfilment, Ashley is committed to delivering the world’s best home furnishing values, selection, and service, and earning the loyalty and trust of its customers every day.

About GS Lab | GAVS Technologies: GS Lab | GAVS is a global IT services provider with focus on AI-led Digital Transformation and Managed Services across healthcare and other industries. GS Lab | GAVS enables organizations to harness the power of data and AI to address healthcare challenges and provide a pre-emptive and personalized care experience for patients and caregivers alike. GS Lab | GAVS’ product engineering services provide modern and secure experience focused healthcare products. Its AIOps platform, Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIF™), enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents and increases uptime, helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident Enterprise™ ( ZIF™) ensuring business continuity and un-interrupted patient care.


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