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Chennai, India, January 24, 2017 : GAVS Technologies has emerged as one of the key innovators in the analytics world based on the report published by MarketsAndMarkets Research. It is a part of the global operational analytics market that is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.6% from USD 4.65 billion in 2016 to USD 10.93 billion by 2021.

GAVS profile is listed under the innovators section alongside the top product vendors in this space. The report defines, describes, and forecasts the operational analytics market based on type, service, business function, application, deployment model, industry vertical, and region.

MarketsAndMarkets Research conducted in depth interviews with GAVS directors and executives functioning in the operational analytics (OA) marketplace to understand its key drivers, the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technologies, and the increasing need for processes, operations required for optimization and control.

GAVS is listed for its Big-Data-based predictive operational analytics platform GAVel that leverages Smart-Machine-based services for IT operational automation in the IT infrastructure space. With the shift towards Smart-Machine-based services to realize the full benefit of cost optimization enhancements, this once again provides a significant testimony of GAVel’s value proposition.

GAVel facilitates insightful data aggregation to enable service intelligence through proactive and predictive risk management. Built on Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligent Suite and driven by Azure ML, HDInsights & Open source technology, it uses statistical techniques and predictive algorithms to provide insights into future events based on historical incidents, which help IT teams to quickly identify patterns, connections, and dependencies within the data well before a problem occurs.

About GS Lab | GAVS Technologies

GS Lab | GAVS, backed by Kedaara Capital, a leading Private Equity firm in India, is a global AI-led digital transformation company focused on creating business impact for its 200+ customers across the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and APAC. It offers digital product engineering, AI-led managed services, and digital transformation services to customers across healthcare, BFSI, and high-tech segments. With 4000+ technologists spread across 10+ global delivery centers and a robust talent-grooming engine, it is a trusted growth partner to its customers. Known for its innovative win-win business models, customer success focus, and deep tech engineering skills, the company invests heavily in emerging technologies such as 5G, edge computing, AI/ML, cloud, and IoT. Its IPs, such as ZIF, zIrrus, Rhodium, and zDesk, help accelerate technology adoption for enterprises.


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