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Princeton, New Jersey & Chennai, India, May 11, 2021 : GAVS Technologies has been issued a patent by the US Patent Office in the field of AIOps.  Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIFTM), an AIOps platform from GAVS Technologies enables IT organizations run their business-critical applications uninterrupted and reliably at all times. This outcome is achieved through proactive detection and resolution of high severity incidents in advance. The prediction methodology that ZIFTM has deployed to determine an outage in the IT environment using multiple data from multiple sources has been awarded the patent numbered US 10,965,541 B2.

ZIF Patent

The patented methodology uses a set of historical and real-time data to predict, the status score, utilization score, and performance score of IT infrastructure resources. The predictions are compared with a dynamic threshold limit derived in real time for identifying potential outage in the network.

“There have been patents to managing, modelling, predicting, allocating and utilizing resources and bottlenecks in an IT environment, but this the first one for detecting and preventing potential outages of critical applications.” – Muraleedharan Vijayakumar, Senior Technical Manager, GAVS Technologies (one of the inventors)

“The continuous hard work combined with strong intellect minds for the past 5+ years on this prediction algorithm has ended with a patent now. This prediction algorithm has been running successfully in all our ZIF implementations.” – Sumit Ganguli, CEO, GAVS Technologies

GAVS Technologies has filed many of its innovations in the field of AIops for patents in USPTO.

About GS Lab | GAVS Technologies
GS Lab | GAVS is a global IT services provider with focus on AI-led Digital Transformation and Managed Services across healthcare and other industries. GS Lab | GAVS enables organizations to harness the power of data and AI to address healthcare challenges and provide a pre-emptive and personalized care experience for patients and caregivers alike. GS Lab | GAVS’ product engineering services provide modern and secure experience focused healthcare products. Its AIOps platform, Zero Incident FrameworkTM (ZIF™), enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents and increases uptime, helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident Enterprise™ ensuring business continuity and un-interrupted patient care.

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