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Ambient Listening and Documentation
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Your gateway to crisp, automated, and organized clinical
information and data management is here.

MediAssist is a Gen AI enabled ambient listening and clinical documentation solution. MediAssist liberates physicians from manual tasks, such as note-taking, summarization, and transcription, reclaiming valuable time for patient care. Say goodbye to after-hours documentation and embrace efficient, patient-focused workflows with MediAssist. By simplifying ambient data capture, accessibility, and management, it addresses a critical industry challenge: clinician burnout.

Automate clinical notes
Move towards more patient-centered care
Minimize administrative burden
Seamlessly organize data

MediAssist captures crucial data such as medications prescribed, follow-ups required, results of lab work, imaging, medical procedures, and generates summarized content that can be reviewed and edited easily. It intuitively converts provider-patient conversations into detailed clinical notes, making it a seamless experience for doctors and patients alike. Its advanced AI and voice recognition capabilities generate accurate dialog transcripts regardless of accents, without the need for any training.


More than just a voice-to-text converter
Ambient Listening and Transcription

Captures and converts spoken dialog within clinical settings into structured documentation, significantly reducing manual entry and allowing clinicians to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

Image Processing

Enhances diagnostic processes by integrating visual data with ambient listening and clinical documentation, aiding in accurate and timely medical assessments.

Audio File Transcription

Converts audio files into text, facilitating efficient documentation of patient-provider interactions, ensuring accurate medical records.

FHIR Integration

Enables the conversion of medical records into the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) format, fostering effortless integration with various medical applications.

OCR for PDFs

Extracts text from PDFs, enabling seamless integration of diverse data sources for comprehensive healthcare data management.


Categorizes data intelligently, organizing information for easier access, retrieval, and analysis, leading to streamlined healthcare workflows.

Cognitive Search

Enables efficient retrieval of relevant information from vast amounts of data, improving knowledge accessibility.

Medical Summary and Report Generation

Provides consolidated medical summaries and reports in real time, enhancing decision-making for healthcare professionals.

Actionable Insights

Delivers rich insights from ambient listening data and clinical documentation for optimized treatment strategies.

Health Outcomes Delivered

Efficient Data

MediAssist transforms unstructured healthcare data into a valuable resource. It’s features like categorization, cognitive search,transcription, text extraction, and summarization ensure swift and accurate documentation, streamlining records management and reducing administrative burden.

Reduced Clinician Burnout

MediAssist is engineered to foster a healthier work environment for clinicians. By promoting an organized and proactive approach to care delivery, and enabling evidence-based decision making, it improves productivity and reduces cognitive overload, freeing up time for meaningful patient interactions.

Better Care

MediAssist creates comprehensive patient profiles contributing to effective communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. The unified health data and automated documentation aid seamless patient updates and handoffs, reduce medical errors, and improve medication accuracy.

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