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Digital Identity
Management (IDM)

Building Trust in Cyberspace


With the rise in adoption of 5G, private LTE, IoT-based devices, and data science applications, newer data access challenges are imminent. End-to-end zero trust security is critical to manage access to systems and to secure sensitive data.

We help organizations adapt to changes in their environment while improving their security and compliance posture. Our rich expertise in hybrid models, and multiple on-prem and cloud IAM products play a key role in solving complex challenges. Our digital IdM services help accelerated implementation through CoE artefacts, templates, and best practices, with continuous improvements and optimizations in IAM operations. We leverage industry best practices, frameworks, IAM maturity models, along with cross functional SMEs to meet customer needs.


End-to-end IAM offerings with technical proficiency across multiple solutions
Segregation of duties and simplified access control processes
Timely measures to reduce business impact
Reduced costs by effective management of threat landscape
Year-on-Year TCO reduction
Long-standing technology partnerships with leading IAM vendors

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Enabling companies to safeguard, trace, and control access to sensitive data and digital assets with Privileged Identity and Access Management
Sending alerts and automated updates to your systems and applications and constantly monitoring your IT and digital systems
Tools and Automation
Automated detection of cyberthreats without human intervention and deciding next steps to mitigate risks
Disciplined security with access to the right resources at the right time for the right entities for reduced cyber risk
User Lifecycle Management
Automated onboarding and offboarding of users and assigning, managing access rights and monitoring access activity
User Behavior Analysis (UBA)
Capturing threats, intended attacks, financial fraud, and analyzing human behavioral patterns and generating insights around potential threats
RBAC, ABAC, and Adaptive Access Control
Providing access to necessary information only and not to all data, and protecting devices and IT resources from unauthorized users

Success Stories

IP Led Accelerator

IdentityDesk is a complete user lifecycle and access management solution that helps IT teams streamline end user journeys — from provisioning to change management to de-provisioning.
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