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Governance, Risk,
and Compliance

Enabling a Stronger GRC System


Our established CoE for Governance, Risk, and Compliance helps meet enterprise security objectives through definition of policies, end-to-end risk management, and assistance with compliance requirements. We bring in a security-aware culture through continuous training and reduce business downtime through a robust BCM process. Our stalwart security practitioners are onboarded to design, plan, and implement GRC Frameworks; while extensive collaboration with GRC product vendors ensures collaborative effort to build business resilience.


Reduced business impact of enterprise level risks
Reduction in cyber threats through continuous performance reviews and monitoring of business functions, third parties
Increased compliance across security functions
Visibility into current risks faced by the organization, vendors
Improved customer satisfaction due to updated ISO certifications

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Identity Governance
/ IMA Governance
Managing user identities, governance, access lifecycles, and protecting privileged access for administration
Risk Management
Identifying potential attacks and eliminating financial impact with risk assessment, third-party risk assessment and management, and risk governance
Compliance Testing
HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliance support, IT control testing
Policies and Standards
Standardizing and adhering to current industry best practices
Data Security Governance
Information Security Office, cyber governance, cybersecurity management
Audit and Certification
ISO, PCI, SSAE 18, statutory audit ISO certification support
Training and Awareness
Security and awareness training, phishing attack simulation
Security Assurance
Ensuring business protection against cyberattacks and security breaches

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