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In the history of Telecom, 5G is the fastest to get envisioned, developed, adopted, and deployed. It is the most invested in by the entire Telecom ecosystem with a futuristic vision of growth and widespread usage across industries, infrastructure, and advanced use cases that we can imagine today. However, the combination of emerging technologies and 5G comes with its set of security challenges. With increasing exposure of end users, IoT, and with industries, enterprises, and applications converging towards shared infrastructure based on open technologies, there has been a rise in lucrative options for different types of attacks.

The ebook aims to provide a step by step guide to security coverage of 5G infrastructure including UE, ORAN, Core, Edge, and Cloud. It also briefly explains various levels of security mandates and options. Each breakup point, or connection point is explained with respective security considerations based on various aspects such as incremental progression of standards, new element introduction, infrastructure needs, and more. This book gives one stop view of the entire 5G security landscape distributed across the standards and forums.

The Ebook covers the following:

  • Key Features of 5G
  • Step by Step Guide to Security Coverage of 5G Infrastructure including UE, ORAN, Core, Edge, and Cloud
  • Security matrix to provide single snapshot view of end to end security requirements
  • Anticipating the Unknowns of the Future
  • Leveraging AI/ML for Enhanced Security
  • Future Roles: Telecom Security Architects and CISOs
  • Evaluating the Need for Security Measures

Please find below a snapshot of a matrix for the security aspects concerning 5G core components and associated infrastructure:

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