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Retail & Commercial

Creating a truly digitalized and
personalized banking experience


The banking industry is at the forefront of rapid digitalization. The rise of FinTech and BigTech companies, increased regulatory developments, and shifting consumer preferences have forced retail and commercial banks to reimagine their business models in order to stay relevant and competitive.

At GS Lab | GAVS, we are at the forefront of innovation, empowering banks to transform their business models through next-gen technologies.

With our expertise in intelligent automation, advanced AI algorithms, cloud-native architecture, and other cutting-edge technologies, we optimize internal operations, enhance connectivity, and deliver highly personalized services that enable a digital-first, customer-centric approach.

Areas Of Expertise

We enable digitalization of enterprise-wide operations across every level to help organizations reimagine customer journeys through disruptive technologies.

Technology Competencies

Data & Analytics, AI, and ML

Manage data end-to-end across governance, integration, modernization, migration, automation, personalization, and more, aligned to business strategy through the collaborative use of data, analytics, AI, and ML.

Intelligent Automation

Through RPA, AI and ML technologies, drive automation of specific tasks or end-to-end processes, including daily transactions, reconciliation, customer onboarding, loan application processing to enhance your digital transformation and workflow efficiencies.


Move towards total digital security through our unique mix of financial and technical expertise. Be empowered across the three pillars of People, Process & Platform through services such as Data Privacy, Cyber resilience, GRC, infra security, digital identity, and vulnerability management.


Leverage our rich expertise across infrastructure management and cloud native engineering, backed by a strong partner ecosystem, open-source contributions, and IP innovations to accelerate your unique cloud adoption journey.

Success Stories