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Digital Front Door Solutions

Portal to Anytime, Anywhere Care
Across the Patient Journey


As healthcare evolves to align with consumer preferences and integrated care models, the demand for seamless digital experiences has surged. GS Lab | GAVS’ Digital Front Door (DFD) approach redefines the healthcare experience through advanced AI, automation, and unified data systems to deliver personalization, interoperability, intelligent automation, and robust security. We help build your custom DFD from the ground up or elevate your existing DFD, creating a fully integrated ecosystem incorporating third-party applications, core back-end systems, and remote patient monitoring solutions to take healthcare to the next level through anytime, anywhere access.


Complementing Your Care Journey End to End


Enhanced Consumer Experiences

Streamlined End-to-End Consumer Journeys

Reduced Clinician Burnout

Addressal of Gaps in Health Equity

Cost Reduction

Improved Health Outcomes

Primary Offering

  • Multi Channel Interface
  • Appointment Schedulers
  • Patient Dashboards
  • Knowledge Repositories
  • Symptom checkers
  • Services Directory
  • Telemedicine
  • Appointment Schedulers
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Patient Clinician Communication
  • Lab Results
  • Consent Management
  • Medication Management
  • Knowledge Repositories
  • Personalized Care
  • Services Directory
  • Digital Payments
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Tools
  • Wellness
  • Member Details
  • Member Self Service Solutions
  • Chatbots
  • Renewals
  • Knowledge Repositories
  • Hospital/Provider Search
  • Wellness Apps
  • Gamification
  • Health Monitoirng Apps

Why Us?

Healthcare Expertise
We work with 40+ providers in the industry – hence we understand the challenges faced by providers in implementing digital front door solutions
UX and UI Capabilities
We have strong capabilities across user experience and design which are critical when designing digital front door solutions
Strong Technology Competency
We have deep expertise across key technologies such as AI/ML, cybersecurity, data management and interoperability
Product Engineering DNA
Our product engineering DNA and modular approach helps us cater to diverse customer requirements including remote patient monitoring solutions

How we help you enhance your DFD Strategy

Success Stories

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